How to Make $100,000 Per Month in Passive Investment Income...

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Hey Mike Dillard here, and as I mentioned in my previous email, I recorded this video specifically for my audience and customers, because it is a pivotal transition point in my life and my career, and I’m going to be sharing some pretty personal stuff with you today. 

So first and foremost, thank you for taking the time to watch, and thank you for your support the past few years…

As many of you know, I suffered a brain injury on June 13th 2018 that changed my life in an instant.

You’ve probably heard me share it with you in the past, but I want to give a brief recap of what took place, because that event and everything that happened after it, is what allowed me to learn what I’m going to be teaching you here today…

So for those of you who don’t know what happened, I went from launching the Self Made Man platform, having fun with my friends, and racing cars on the weekend, to fighting for my life in a matter of weeks.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think, and my body was coursing with adrenaline and cortisol 24/7.

My entire life came to a halt. My body was shutting down, and I was completely unable to work.

This torture went on for a year before a doctor finally figured out that my home and my body had been infected with toxic mold. Anything above 5 is toxic, and my result was at 21,000.

To make a long story short, it took me three years to heal from this unexpected health crisis, and as hard as the health challenges were, what made it infinitely more difficult was the fact that I didn’t have a source of real passive income from assets like real estate or dividend stocks that could cover my bills while I was unable to work.

I wasn’t married, I didn’t have a spouse to help support or take care of me, none of my medical expenses were covered by insurance, and I was still responsible for more than $50,000 per month in payroll, bills, and child support.

So as you can imagine, this was the single biggest challenge I’ve ever been through and it stripped me of absolutely everything…

My health, my identity, my ego, my financial security, my body, and my passions.

And while the experience of losing those things was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, it has also turned into the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


Because it gave me the opportunity to start over with a blank slate both emotionally, mentally, and physically.

It gave me the opportunity to figure out what really matters in life and what doesn’t.

It gave me the inspiration for a new mission in my life moving forward, and a new set of knowledge and experiences that have turned into a super power I can now use to help you in ways that I would never have been able to if I hadn’t gone through this experience.

So the good news is that I’ve made it through to the other side, and as of today, I’m ready to share some of the most valuable gifts that I’ve acquired through this process with you.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking extremely hard about what I want to do with this second chance at life.

I could have started a business related to healing from mold which would have made a lot of sense, or I could have simply gone back to internet marketing and what I’ve done before.

But neither of those resonated. They made sense from a logical head perspective, but they didn’t make sense from the heart, and you need to have both if you’re going to build something great and with passion.

Thankfully, over time the answer became clear…

The one thing we all have in common, and that affects every single aspect of our lives, is money.

Myself, and those of you who have pursued entrepreneurship, did so because we wanted to build a better life for ourselves. 

We wanted to make more money so we could do what we want, when we want, and with who we want.

Ultimately, we simply want to make the most out of this life, and to experience all that it has to offer from a place of joy and abundance instead of fear or scarcity.

And while the internet and the online entrepreneur industry as a whole has been an absolute miracle that’s allowed millions of people around the world to experience financial success at levels that have never been possible before, it’s also let myself and so many of you down.


Because 99% of the conversations and education that takes place in this industry is about how to make money, but no one ever talks about what to do with the money once you make it.

And if you’re in the group of people who’ve been trying to build a business and have that your first big financial win for years, but that just hasn’t happened and you can’t figure out why, this industry hasn’t been able to provide you with the help or answers you’ve needed either.

Well I want to help you solve these problems, right now, here today.

Now this topic rose to the surface for me for three primary reasons…

The first, is that after being unable to work for over two years, I swore I’d never find myself in that position again, and replacing my active income, with real passive investment income has become my number #1 priority…   

Passive Income is no longer a,
“nice to have”, it is a "need to have",
especially with the economic uncertainty
that’s increasing by the day...

Which brings me to my second reason…

Our society, and our economic system are experiencing, and will continue to experience unprecedented levels of uncertainty, change, and volatility.

We’ve all seen how much pain small business owners and their employees have gone through this past year. Their lives have been devastated, and there’s a very good chance you’ve been severely affected as well.

Well that pain and insecurity could have been dramatically reduced for countless people if they had real sources of passive income…

And I don’t mean from a business, I mean from assets like cash flow real estate, dividend stocks, RV parks, or high yield crypto savings accounts… 

But with that being said, every single investment comes with a caveat…

Cashflow real estate is a great investment if you’re buying in the right states, and have the right tenants.

Markets like Texas are experiencing an unprecedented real estate bull market right now, while landlords in other states have homes filled with tenants who can’t pay their rent.

If you owned an RV park right now, you’d be making record profits.

And stocks? Well stocks have been doing incredibly well, but they’re in bubble territory so there’s no telling what they’ll do next.

Investing in crypto assets can be great if you understand the industry and how to time the market cycles. In fact, my crypto portfolio is up more than 1,200% in the last 12 months…

And then you can hold cash cash on the side to take advantage of strategic opportunities which is a great idea, but inflation is eating away the value of those dollars at an incredible rate.

So what do you do? How do you make any kind of educated decisions when it comes to your money when things are so unstable?

We’ll talk about that here today… 

And the third reason, which is in my opinion, the most important, is because I realized that I was making all of my financial decisions from a completely unconscious set of programs, and once I saw that and became aware of that fact, it’s like seeing through the Matrix.

You simply can’t go back to looking at your life, your decisions, and the world the same way again.

And what I realized is that my personal
patterns with money, are incredibly common among entrepreneurs in general…

I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with thousands of other entrepreneurs during my career, and here’s what I’ve observed…

We are wired differently than the rest of the people in society. 

In fact, if you are an entrepreneur, I’ll
bet this describes you pretty well…

Sound familiar? If so, I get it, because it describes me as well.

And that simply means that you’re wired to be an entrepreneur. 

Now from a business perspective, these characteristics are amazing because they’re the exact traits someone needs to start a business, take risks, invent solutions to the world’s problems, and get paid handsomely for doing so.

And then you give someone like us a tool like the internet, and BOOM!

In the past 20 years alone, you literally have millions of people around the world who are making millions of dollars for the first time in their family tree, and that’s the moment when things start to go sideways.

I personally know hundreds of entrepreneurs who make at least a million dollars per year, and do you know how many of them could retire and never have to work again tomorrow if they wanted to?

I’d estimate less than 10% of them.

These are smart people making millions of dollars, and almost none of them have the ability to retire and maintain their current lifestyle.

Celebrities and athletes are entrepreneurs in their own right, and they experience the exact same challenge… Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, 50 Cent, Nicolas Cage, Kim Basinger, Stephen Baldwin, and even Mark Twain, have all filed for bankruptcy…

So why does this happen?

Because they all fell into a vicious cycle, and they never realized why that happened, or how to get out of it…  

The “Make It, Spend It” Cycle...

People with this personality type can get very good at making money, but then they spend it on everything they’ve had on their vision board for years like the cars, the house, and the luxury lifestyle.

Or they lose it taking risks on new business ideas or investments in their friend’s new startup. 

Or they get behind on their taxes. 

Then they make it back and then lose it. Make it, lose it. Make it. Lose it.

This cycle causes all kinds of problems and forces you to make all kinds of short term business and financial decisions that have long term consequences…

The freedom we want and that drives us… The freedom to do what we want, with who we want, how we want, turns into an illusion like an oasis in the desert that’s always one more product, idea, marketing campaign, or launch away.

So why does this happen?

Well when you take the very traits that make you so effective at making money, like your drive, and your willingness to take huge risks, and you apply those same personality traits to investing and conservatively managing your money, it doesn’t work.

It’s not a part of your current programming… It’s like asking a shark to stop eating other fish.

You make your money by taking risks as an entrepreneur, so why wouldn’t you apply the same approach to managing and investing your money, especially if it’s worked out so far?

This Is The Dirty Little Secret
About Entrepreneurs That No One
Wants To Talk About…

And it’s affected nearly all of us at one time or another, but here’s the simple truth of the matter…

If you do not solve this problem in your life, you are doomed to repeat this extremely stressful cycle over and over again until you push your body past it’s breaking point.

So during the rest of this training video, I’m going to show you why we all make the decisions we do when it comes to money.

If you’re good at making money, but you’re stuck in the make it, spend it cycle, I’ll show you why that’s happening…

If you’re trying to make more money in your life, but you continue to struggle and keep hitting a glass ceiling, I’ll show you why…

Once you understand why these habits and cycles are taking place, I’m going to teach you how to fix them.

And once we fix them together… 

I’m Going To Show You How To Build Real, Stable, Passive Income In Your Life…

In fact, I’m going to show you how to get a little richer every single day, and as a result of this system and these practices, you will end up building real wealth and real financial freedom in your life.

This is money that will continue to come in no matter what’s happening in your life or your business, or in the economy, and this is a process you can start to use immediately, no matter how much money, or how little, you currently make.

Personally, my goal is to use this system to hit $100,000 per month in passive investment income in the next 5 years, so if you’d like to see how that’s done, let’s dive in and get started…

And by the way, you already know this, but I’m not a financial advisor, this is not personal financial advice, and investing always involves risk.

Alright, with that being said…

Here’s How I Discovered All Of This…

In order to heal my brain from the toxic mold injury, I spent over two years pursuing every kind of therapy available from hypnotherapy, to NLP, to transcranial magnetic to, EMDR, to meditation and plant medicines.

And while my primary goal was to heal from the health crisis, I ended up mastering the human nervous system and the subconscious mind in the process.

At the same time, I spent hours a day studying, evaluating, and learning about all of the different ways to build a significant amount of passive investment income.

What I realized is that everything being taught about money is broken, and in fact it’s completely missing the two most important components that are required to change someone’s financial results in life.

Every book our course out there when it comes to making money or investing has to do with mindset or a specific investing strategy.

For example, Robert Kiyosaki will teach you to invest in cash flow real estate which is a great strategy.

Dave Ramsey will teach you how to create a budget and get out of debt, which is based on a certain kind of mindset.

But if they’re so effective, then why are so many people who’ve read their books, still struggling with money? Why aren’t they building life-long wealth and financial freedom?

If making money was just about mindset, and if building wealth was just about a strategy, then why aren’t you one of the wealthiest people in the world? Why aren’t you financially free?

I’ll tell you…

Finding The Right Investing Strategy Is Only One Part Of A Three Piece Puzzle, And In Fact, It’s The Last Piece...

If you want to truly change your financial situation in life in an effective and lasting way, you have to master the other two pieces of the equation…

Ultimately, your reality and the life you currently live, is a direct result of the thoughts and decisions you make on a daily basis.

Better decisions lead to better results, so if you’re not experiencing the kind of financial abundance you want in your life, then you need to make better decisions.

But what most people don’t realize, is that every decision you make is primarily driven by two invisible factors…

The First Is Your Neuro-Chemistry...

Every action we take in life is driven by 5 hormones…

The first is Dopamine…

Dopamine is our primary feel good hormone…

The brain releases it when we eat food that we crave or when we have sex. The release of Dopamine causes us to feel pleasure and satisfaction as part of the brain’s reward system.

Dopamine is also released when you make money. Money buys resources, food, and shelter, so you feel pleasure whenever you make a sale or buy anything that your brain sees as a resource.

If you’ve ever launched a product and hit the refresh button over and over again on your shopping cart as you watch your sales go up, you are getting a hit of dopamine every single time it does.

And firing up Amazon and going shopping is the modern day equivalent of finding a bush full of berries, or hunting an animal for dinner.

Simply put, Dopamine motivates you to seek rewards and get what you need, even if that takes a lot of effort.

The next is Serotonin…

Serotonin is the hormone our brain uses to produce the feeling of pride, confidence, and respect.

Serotonin is also why your mammal brain is constantly comparing your level of status to others.

In the past, status was directly correlated to your chances of survival and procreation. This is why it’s nearly impossible to stop comparing yourself to others.

When your level of status is high, you feel good. When it’s not as high as others, you literally feel bad.

Serotonin is what drives you to want to buy things like cars, clothing, and other material goods that demonstrate your level of status.

Next we have Oxytocin which produces feelings of safety, trust, belonging, and love…

Then there are Endorphins which mask pain and can create a feeling of euphoria…

It’s what your body uses to allow you to take the action you need to take, in order to remove yourself from a threat.

Now on the other end of the spectrum from these feel good hormones, is cortisol

Your body releases cortisol when it feels threatened.

It forces you to stop and pay attention to what’s happening. When your cortisol level is extremely high, you feel fear. When it’s lower, you feel stress or anxiety.

And finally there’s Adrenaline.

Adrenaline is not a hormone itself, bur rather an amplifier of the other hormones.

Your adrenaline will amplify serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, or cortisol all the same.

So here’s a quick example of how this works…

Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many Entrepreneurs Are Compelled To Spend Money And Buy Material Goods Like A Big House, A Supercar?

Or ladies… A designer purse or pair of shoes, as soon as you can afford to?

Well at the end of the day, your primitive brain only wants two things…

It wants you to survive, and procreate.

That’s it.

And it will drive you to do whatever it thinks will increase your chances of achieving those two goals.

Your brain knows that the more resources you acquire, the higher your chances of survival will increase.

In our modern world, shopping is the equivalent of acquiring valuable resources like food, or weapons, or shelter, or clothing in the past, which were all required for survival.

So what happens when you spend your money on a Ferrari? You get a dopamine hit. Your brain says, “hey, good job acquiring more resources.”

And then what happens when you take a seat in that Ferrari for the very first time and fire up the engine?

You get a rush of endorphins and adrenaline as the monstrous engine fires up, and the car comes alive with power.

The moment you step on the gas, it catapults you back into your seat like a roller coaster…

If you’ve ever had a chance to purchase your dream car, you know the feeling I’m talking about.

Now why do most men and women desire luxury goods?

Well the primitive tribal parts of our mind know that the more resources you have, the higher your level of status and power in the tribe, and this higher level of status comes with power, influence, protection, and resources, which all directly correlate to your ability to survive and find a suitable mate.

Your brain says, “hey, if this person has lots of resources and power within their tribe, they’d make a great mate and the chances of our children surviving would increase.”

So Your Brain Literally Forces You To Seek These Things Out, And It Does So Through The Use Of Serotonin...

Now if Serotonin is what you feel when you feel confidence, status, and power, what’s the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to demonstrate your level of status in the modern world we live in?

It’s through the car you drive, the house you live in, and the clothes you wear.


The reason your brain drives you to spend money on material status symbols, is because those items are sending clearly visible signals to the other humans around you, while your investment account is invisible.

Your brain doesn’t care about your retirement goals 20 years from now because you might not live that long to begin with, so all it cares about is motivating you to acquire the things it views as important to your survival and your ability to attract a mate.

Assuming you get positive feedback from these purchases and from demonstrating your new level of status, (which you will at an unprecedented level thanks to social media today), that’s going to release more dopamine and serotonin, which is going to start to strengthen these neural connections.

As you’ve probably heard, neurons that fire together, wire together.

So now your brain is getting trained to associate spending money with the release of all of these happy chemicals, and it starts to create a viral feedback loop…

Which Ultimately Results In Something Called Parkinson’s Law...

Basically, Parkinson’s Law states that your expenditures will rise to meet your income.

The more money you make, the more money you’ll start to spend. Why?

Well unfortunately your brain will start to become numb to the dose it’s receiving, which is why it takes a more and more expensive car to feel that sense of satisfaction, just like it takes more coffee to get your caffeine buzz over time.

This is also why making millions of dollars for entrepreneurs is never enough.

In order to get the same hit you got when you made your first million, well now you need to make what?

$10 million right?

And then $100 million.

It creates a vicious cycle where you never have enough, and you’re never satisfied.

This is your brain’s primitive chemical addiction in action, and 99% of people in the world are completely unaware that it’s driving all of their decisions.

But these neuro chemicals are only the first part of the equation…

There’s An Even More Powerful
Factor That Comes Into Play Here,
And That’s Your Subconscious...

While we all have these chemicals circulating in our brains and bodies at all times, some people like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, or Dwayne Johnson make radically different decisions than others.

And that’s because we all interpret these desires through a filter that’s completely unique to us, which is our subconscious.

Your subconscious is the collection of all of your life’s previous experiences and beliefs, and it is the invisible decision maker that ultimately decides which choices we make when we feel an urge that’s created by our neuro-chemistry.

That’s why you can hand 100 people the same book, the same amount of money, and the same investment strategies, and you’re still going to get 100 different results.

People are making decisions based on neuro-chemical addictions they don’t understand, and subconscious programming they’re completely unaware of.

This is also why so many people, and especially entrepreneurs, repeat the same pattern and cycles with money over and over again.

They’re making the best logical decisions they can with their conscious mind, without the understanding that 95% of that decision is being made by these two invisible forces.

So when it comes to building wealth and investing, yes your investment strategy is important, but it’s the last step in the process.

In Step 1, you must become aware of, and then reprogram your neuro-chemical associations.

And then in Step 2, you must uncover and then reprogram your subconscious stories.

Then, and only then, are you ready to start evaluating investment decisions and strategies.

If You Don’t Master The First
Two Steps, You Will Literally Repeat
The Same Patterns You Always Have...

And you’ll continue to experience the same problems which is why so many people who have ready and studied all of the investing books out there, are still broke and struggling.

Why do so many entrepreneurs love to invest in risky startups?

Because the chemical pleasure that would come from the anticipated and outrageous return on that investment is a neuro-chemical cocktail that would send your brain into ecstasy.

It’s your brain’s next big hit, and it wants you to pursue it.

This is why so many entrepreneurs who are great at making millions of dollars, continue to lose it.

They’re brains are literally wired to take big risks, and most of the time, they simply don’t work out.

Now What About Those Of You Who Have
Been Trying To Make More Money For Years…

But you haven’t been able to break through, or you keep hitting a glass ceiling?

That’s happening because you’ve acquired a subsconvious story at some point in your life that you’re completely unaware of, that has caused you to associate success as a threat to your safety or survival, or that you’re not good enough, and unworthy of success.

If your parents or friends or other people in your tribe told you that rich people are evil, or that making money is somehow bad or looked down upon which happens all the time, then guess what… 

Your subconscious is not going to allow you to make money because if you do, that means you might be viewed in a negative way, which means you might get thrown out of the tribe, which would mean certain death at any previous point in history.

Consciously and rationally you know that’s not the case, and that making money is an absolutely wonderful thing and it’s the ultimate way you can show love for yourself, but your conscious mind isn’t running the show. Your subconscious is.

Well you are worthy of money and success, but until you identify and then re-write that story, nothing you ever do is going to change your results.

You can buy all the marketing courses in the world, or you could even win the lottery, and guess what… Nothing is going to change.

You’ll be stuck in that place, struggling, and beating yourself up forever.

Now I don’t know about you…

But When I Finally Pieced All Of
This Together, And Then Looked Back
At My Life And The Decisions I’ve Made
When It Comes To Money… Holy Smokes!

I felt shocked, and then I felt amazed at how powerful our programming is.

I mean I’m a guy who’s owned 12 super cars, and who’s made a lot of risky investments in my own businesses and in other startups, and now I finally understood why I made those decisions.

And then I felt incredibly empowered because these invisible forces driving all of my decisions were now visible, which means now they could be managed and directed towards my conscious goals.

So Now That You’ve Been Unplugged From The Matrix, Where Do You Go From Here?

How can you use this information to radically change your financial results in life, starting today?

Well there are three steps or Phases to the process…

Phase 1: Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth...

Is about generating awareness, and reprogramming your mind and body… 

We’ve scratched the surface of that subject here today, but there are much deeper levels of depth when it comes to achieving full awareness of why you make the decisions you make.

Once you become aware of your invisible habits, decisions, and chemical associations you need to learn how to interrupt those patterns and create new ones.

This part of the process is the single most important one, because if you don’t get your brain aligned with your goals and aspirations, it will ultimately find a way to sabotage you.

This is exactly what happens when people try to diet, but can’t keep the weight off…

Or when they make a lot of money and then eventually lose it…

Or fall into the make it, spend it cycle of Parkinson’s Law…

They are trying to solve internal problems, with external solutions, and it simply doesn’t work.

If you want to change your outside world, you have to purchase products and services that will help you change your inside world first, and a diet pill doesn’t do that.

Phase 2: Get A Little Richer Every Day...

Once you reprogram your neuro-chemistry and your subconscious stories, you need a simple system and a plan that will allow you to manage your money effectively. 

If you do not have a plan for the money you’re making, it will end up in the hands of someone else who does.

Your Favorite Companies In The World…
Apple, Ferrari, Porsche, Gucci… All
Of Them Have Plans For Your Money...

Well we have a different plan… And the plan that we’ve created for our money is designed to do one thing…

Which is to make us a little richer every day.

Using the Richer Every Day System, we use a series of 6 bank accounts, and one of those is called the Richer Every Day account.

Every single day, we take a % of our income, and we make transfers into these 6 accounts.

The Richer Every Day account is our investment account.

This system does a few very important things…

First, it ensures we never get behind on our taxes, and it ensures we get a little richer every single day.

Second, it’s also an extremely important part of rewiring your neural-connections and chemical associations.

We’re training our brains to get a dopamine hit every single day we transfer money into this account.

And third, once you start using this system, something pretty awesome is going to start to happen…

You’re obviously going to start accumulating cash in this account on a daily basis…

The balance is going to grow, and grow, and grow, which is going to have all kinds of positive impacts on your neuro-chemistry, and your financial security.

Which brings us to the third Phase of our process…

Phase 3: Turning The Money You Make Today, Into Money That Pays You Forever...

At this point we’ve rewired your mind and body for wealth.

And we’ve set up an automated system that ensures you’re going to get a little richer every single day.

Now, and only now, are you ready to start thinking about specific investment strategies…

So What Should You Invest In?

Well there are several options, but our primary goal is to pursue investments that generate passive income.

Investing in stocks with the expectation that they’re going to go up in value can be effective if you choose the right stocks at the right time, but at the end of the day, it’s a bet.

And making any kind of bet is always a form of gambling.

Investing in stocks or other assets like real estate that generate passive income no matter what happens, isn’t gambling, it’s real investing.

Many of you have invested in crypto-assets like I have over the past few years. While it represents a huge opportunity, it’s also been pure speculation until recently…

But now in the past year, a few financial companies have launched services that will pay you a 5% to 14% return per year on your crypto assets.

So if you deposit $1 million in crypto into one of these accounts instead of simply holding it in your wallet, you could be earning $100,000 or more per year in passive income for doing absolutely nothing.

Ultimately, Our Primary Focus Is To Invest In Assets That Produce Passive Income…

And our goal is to hit your “Freedom Number”, which is when the amount of money you’re making passively each month from investments, covers your monthly bills.

The moment you hit your Freedom Number, you are financially free, and you’ll never have to worry about money again.

Once I Figured All Of This Out For Myself, I Jumped In And I Started To Make Changes Immediately…

I retrained my body to create new neural-chemical associations, so now my brain gets the dopamine and serotonin it wants whenever I invest money, instead of spending it.

Instead of buying sports cars, I go buy sources of passive income.

As those investments produce passive income, I revinest that money to buy even more passive income, which means my money is now making me even more money, automatically.

Next, I reprogrammed my subconscious to remove the old stories from my childhood that were preventing me from breaking through my old growth ceiling.

And finally, I created a financial strategy that does two very important things…

The first is that it literally makes me a little richer every single day, and the second is that it is creating a larger and larger amount of purely passive income through very specific investments, on a monthly basis.

I call this process the Richer Every Day System, and as a result of applying it in my life, I now have more financial security than I’ve ever had before.

Our personal goal is to hit $100,000 per month in passive investment income that comes in every single month whether I have a business or not, within the next 5 years.

So Here’s My Question For You…

Have you been able to make a lot of money, but had trouble keeping it? 

Have you made a lot of money, but for some reason you’re not financially free yet because you don’t know how to invest the money you’re making?

Or have you been trying to make more money for years, but it’s just alluded you for some reason?

If so, then I’d like to help you solve these problems once and for all…

Introducing, Richer Every Day...

Richer Every Day is for entrepreneurs who’ve made millions of dollars, but who’ve struggled to create real freedom because you haven’t learned how to turn your active business income into passive income.

It’s for those of you who are addicted to taking risks in your business, or with your money.

It’s for those of you who have been caught in the make-it, spend it cycle…

And it’s for those of you who simply don’t have a plan for your money. You don’t know how to invest it, or how to create passive income.

Richer Every Day is also for you if you don’t have a business yet, or if you’ve been trying to build one for years, but have never been able to make it happen.

For one reason or another, making money has simply alluded you, and you haven’t been able to figure out why.

No matter which category you’re in, our goal is simple…

It’s to teach you how to turn your active income into passive income, so you can experience real freedom, and real financial security in your life without the stress that comes from the ups and downs of always trying to grow a business, or from an uncertain economy…

Here’s How We’re Going To Do That…

As you’ve learned during this video, you have to address three separate aspects of money in order to get the results you want…

First, you have to address your chemical habits, and Subconscious stories.

Second, you need a simple plan and management system for your money. 

And third, you need to understand how to find and invest in the right strategies and opportunities that will enable you to build passive income.

Richer Every Day is the first and only financial transformation program in the world that addresses all three of these areas of money in a complete and cohesive way.

So In Phase 1, We’re Going To Take A Deep Dive Into Your Chemical Habits And Addictions...

You’re going to learn how your neuro-chemicals like Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins, and Cortisol drive all of the impulses, emotions, and decisions you make on a daily basis.

If you are constantly launching new products, or starting new businesses… If you tend to make risky investments, or make impulse purchases…

If you feel compelled to spend your money as soon as you make it, or if you turn towards alcohol, video games, food, or shopping as a distraction, all of these behaviors are driven by unhealthy chemical habits and associations. 

In Phase 2, I’m Going To Teach You The Richer Every Day System...

Phase 3: How To Turn Today's Income, Into "Forever Income"...

Ultimately, we’re on our way to hitting $100,000 per month, or $1.2 million per year in passive income within the next 5 years, and if you’d like to see exactly how we’re going to do that, this is your chance…

If you are an overworked, stressed-out entrepreneur who’s making millions per year, but you’re tired of the make it spend it cycle, the hustle and grind, or the never-ending launch and promotion rat race, Richer Every Day is your exit plan.

On the other hand, if you’ve been struggling to make money and build wealth in your life and you haven’t been able to figure out why that’s always been the case, Richer Every Day is the solution that will finally address the root cause that’s been holding you back, instead of the symptoms. 

Remember… If you want to master your relationship with money and achieve real financial freedom, you need to address all three areas…

First you must take control and rewire your neuro-chemistry and subconscious programming…

Second, you must put an automated wealth building system in place that will make you a little richer every single day,

And third, you have to have a rock-solid passive-investment strategy to follow.

Richer Every Day is the first and only program ever created that gives you the solutions you need to master all three areas in one place…

Now If You’d Like To Join Richer Every Day, Right Now Is The Time To Do So...

This video is your invitation to join the private Beta-Launch of the program just for my existing customers and subscribers, and that’s important because this is your one and only chance to get everything at a 66% discount.

When we launch Richer Every Day to the public in the coming months, the program will cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

But if you join this week before the deadline, and if you’re willing to send in an honest review of the program, I’d like to offer you the chance to get full access for just one single payment of $997, or 3 payments of $397.

That’s a $2,000 discount, and the best part is that it comes with an unprecedented guarantee…

My goal is to help you generate a realistic 100X to 1,000X return on your investment in this program.


Simply go through the course and apply what you learn.

When you do, it will become extremely easy for you to see how this system will realistically turn your $1,000 investment in Richer Every Day, into $100,000, (which would be a 100X return), to $1,000,000, (which would be a 1,000X return) or more in the years to come using what you learn.

If you don’t think that’s reasonable or realistic, then I’ll give you a full refund, and an extra $100 cash via PayPal just for taking the time to go through the program.

This means there is literally no way to lose.

And finally, I have one more bonus for you… 

The law firm we use for our asset protection strategy and trust has generously offered a free one hour call to all new Richer Every Day clients who join this week in order to review your current asset protection plan, or to help you create one if you don’t have one.

We’re not compensated in any way by them. They simply believe in our mission, and they’d love to help as many of you as they can.

This call alone is worth the entire price of Richer Every Day, which is pretty incredible.

If you’re ready to get started, you can click the button below to pull up the secure checkout page which will open in another window so you can continue listening while you fill out the registration form.

So To Quickly Summarize What
You’re Going To Get When You Join…

The promise of Richer Every Day is simple, and incredibly powerful…

If you’ve ever struggled to make money, or if you’ve ever struggled when it comes to investing the money you do make, Richer Every Day is going to address and solve these challenges for you at the source of the problem. 

We’re going to do that by rewiring your current neural associations with money with new ones, and we’re going to identify and then rewrite your subconscious programs when it comes to money.

Until you address these two areas of your life, you will continue to run the same programs, repeat the same pattern, and continue to experience the same challenges you always have.

Once we’ve solved these issues, you’re going to learn how to setup the Richer Every Day System, which is going to do exactly what it implies…

Every single day, you’re going to get a little bit richer, and you’re going to start to accumulate wealth consistently.

As that money starts to accumulate, I’m going to teach you how to invest that money in a variety of assets that produce passive income with one goal and purpose in mind, which is to hit your Freedom Number as quickly as possible.

This is the amount of passive income that needs to come in on a monthly basis in order to cover all of your bills and expenses.

At that moment, you’ve achieved real financial freedom, and everything you do moving forward is because you truly want to do it, not because you have to.

Michelle and I are going to document our investments so you can see what we personally do with our money now and into the future, which means this course will continue to become more and more valuable.

You’re going to learn how to protect your assets from the same asset protection attorney that we personally use, and you’re also going to get a free 1 hour consulting call with the to discuss your current situation.

You’re going to get access to our private Richer Every Day Facebook group so we can support you as you start your Richer Every Day Journey

You’re going to be able to participate in our quarterly mastermind calls with my peers and colleagues as we discuss the best investment opportunities we’ve identified, and risks to avoid in this quickly changing and evolving economy.

When you join today as one of our Founding Members, you’re going to get a $2,000 discount off the normal price.

And finally, you’re going to get my “100X or $100” dollar guarantee…

Go through the program for the next 30 days and apply what you learn. If you don’t feel 100% confident that Richer Every Day will turn your investment here today into at least $100,000 in the years to come, then I’ll give you a full refund, and an extra $100 cash just for giving us the chance to help you. 

A lot of changes are coming in the years ahead, and our goal is to help as many people as we can, to create real financial security and freedom in their lives.

Go ahead and click the link below to get started, and thank you for joining me here today…

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m not an entrepreneur, is this for me? 

Yes, Richer Every Day will help anyone who wants to transform their relationship with money, and learn how to generate passive investment income. It doesn’t matter if you own a $100 Million business, or if you have a job you love. Richer Every Day is relevant for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their financial freedom in life.

Will this help me if I don’t have a lot of money to invest?

Yes, first Richer Every Day will help you become aware of why you’ve struggled to make money, and help you change those subconscious programs. It will also teach you how to use the Richer Every Day System, which will help you start to build wealth on a daily basis.

Will this work for me if I live outside the US?

Yes, Richer Every Day will work for anyone, in any country. Some of the specific investment strategies or resources may change if you live outside the US, but the overall concepts and strategies are the same.

Will this show me how to get rich quickly by trading stocks or crypto?

No. Richer Every Day is not about getting rich quickly. It’s about getting rich “for sure” by addressing your subconscious programming when it comes to money, and by teaching you how to use effective investment strategies that produce passive income over time.

Are there any recurring charges?

Nope! You can get lifetime access to Richer Every Day, including all additional content that we’ll be releasing in the months to come for just one single payment of $997 when you join today as a Founding Member. After this initial launch, the price will increase to $3,997.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Richer Every Day comes with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee, and my “100X or $100” bonus. If you don’t think Richer Every Day will realistically help you 100X the purchase price of the program in the years to come, you’ll receive a full refund and an additional $100 in cash via PayPal.

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