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“I Can’t Tell You How Much This Has
Meant To Me, And To Us...”

Hey Wellness Force Family, my name is Mike Dillard and I’m a good friend of Josh Trent’s in Austin.

Josh decided he wanted to attend the $REWIRE event I’m holding with Scott Jackson at the end of this month, and wanted to see if we’d be willing to extend a special invite to his fans and subscribers who are ready to go through this life-changing process alongside him.

We said, “of course!”. Josh is a rock star and if you’re a fan of the positive change he’s bringing to the world, we’d love to invite you to $REWIRE, and we’ve set you up with a $500 discount as well.

So what is $REWIRE?

Well here’s where my story comes into play, and why $REWIRE was created…

Many of you have been a part of my journey for the past few years… In fact, I know some of you have been readers and customers of mine for more than 15 years! (Thank you!!!)

If so, I can only imagine that you’ve probably noticed the significant amount of personal change/evolution that I’ve gone through in the past 3 years alone.

The brain injury that I suffered in June of 2018 broke every aspect of me and my life…

I lost everything from my money and savings, to my health, to my business, and everything in between until thoughts of suicide started to surface.

It was a level of pain and suffering I would never wish upon anyone.

But I didn’t give up.

I went to work and I pursued every kind of help I could find including hypnotherapy, NLP, and psychedelics, and have talked about the life-changing benefits I’ve received from them on my podcast.

In total, I invested more than $50,000 in these particular therapies in order to create my own personal transformation, and then gain certifications to teach them.

Over the past two years, Michelle made the same investment, and went through the same process.

This deep personal work ultimately gave me the insights and techniques I needed to create Richer Every Day.

This post is not about Richer Every Day, but it is about the neurological technologies behind it…

“I Would Tell Anybody To Do This 
In A Heartbeat…”

Ultimately, Richer Every Day was created to help people become aware of, and then change their mental and emotional relationship with money. 

Most people will spend their entire lives trying to solve their internal problems with external solutions…

Trying to solve their money problems by gambling and taking risks…

Trying to solve their weight problems with diet pills…

Trying to solve their relationship problems with distractions like alcohol, etc…

What they don’t realize is that you can only solve these external problems with internal solutions…

All of these problems are a result of your subconscious programs…

The deep inner beliefs about yourself, yourself worth, and the limiting decisions you’ve made throughout your life that have led you to the results you now live on a daily basis.

The good news is that you CAN change these subconscious programs.

When you do, these life-long challenges simply disappear, because the subconscious beliefs and programs behind them no longer exist.

Forget about personal development programs and self-help books. They don’t work very well because they’re only address your conscious mind.

REAL, lasting, life-changing transformation happens underneath that, in the core of you mind’s programming.

Once I started to use and experience techniques that rewire the subconscious, my life changed immediately and permanently…

These changes didn’t take months of reading, or writing affirmations…

They took place right then and there, and the results started to show…

Within 24 months…

“I’ve Tried A Lot Of Things, And I Had No Idea How Much This Would Impact Me. 
I Feel Completely Different...”

All of this happened because I removed the limiting beliefs and decisions that were holding me prisoner.

So why am I telling you about all of this?

Because many of you have asked me how you can go through the same process, and today I finally have an answer for you…

Here’s the truth…

The ability to truly embody and experience a deep level of transformation at the core level… To identify and rewire the moments in your life that shaped your limiting beliefs, decisions, and self-worth…  

All require the help of someone else.

You and I cannot see our own subconscious programs, as they operate outside our consciousness.

Which means we need help from someone who’s trained to root these programs out, and then help us reprogram them. 

Over the past year, Michelle and I have had a deep desire to help others experience the same kind of transformation we have.

But something was missing…

While I have made tremendous progress on my health recovery and brain injury, I still had some progress to make.

The mold exposure and subsequent trauma had resulted in some very deep subconscious programs that were still affecting my body’s ability to relax and sleep.

I needed the help of a psychological master, so I called up one of my best friends, Scott, who happens to be exactly that, and I hired him as my coach.

In fact, I wrote him a check for $25,000.

Scott is one of only 20 people certified in Neurolinguistic Programming at the Master level in the United States.

Over the past two months, he systematically helped me work through some of the biggest mental challenges I’ve had in my life.

I was simply in awe at his level of mastery of the human mind. I truly haven’t seen anything else like it, which is saying quite a bit given the people I’ve worked with.

So I asked him a question…

“Would you be willing to help Michelle and I take a small group of Richer Every Day students through the same breakthrough process you just took me through?”

He said yes, and his incredible fiance’ Joanie, (who is also Certified Trainer), agreed to join in as well…

“I Came Here To Rewire Myself For Money, And I Gained The Tools I Needed To Learn How To Love Myself…”

I’m writing you today, because your time to experience this process is now here…

Michelle and I are thrilled to announce that the second live “$REWIRE” event is happening!

We named the event “$REWIRE”, because that’s exactly what it’s about…

We are going to literally rewire your mind for wealth.

Over a 4 day period, you will experience a level of radical, profound change at the deepest levels of your being.

Simply put, we are going go systematically uncover the subconscious beliefs and programs that have been holding you back from achieving the kind of financial abundance and security you’ve always wanted in life.

Every single one of us has limiting beliefs and programs when it comes to money, including me…

Some of the most common are…

“This Event Gave Me Awareness Of My Internal Dialog Around Money, And This Is Going To Be Life-Changing For Me…”

Any of these sound familiar?

I’m sure at least one of them does.

But here’s what I want you to know…

None of these are actually true.

They might feel like they’re true, it’s just a story from an event in your past that become a belief.

It’s completely made up, and it’d running your life.

Are you ready to get rid of these stories and move on to wildly bigger and better things?

Good, because that’s exactly what we’re going to do at $Rewire.We are going to identity the specific moments in your past when these programs were created, and rewire your mind for wealth at the core belief level.

By the time you’ve completed the experience, any forms of negative beliefs, self-doubt, or self-worth that have been at the root of your limitations in life will have been completely eliminated.

That result will not be our opinion or expectation… It will be your experience by your own words and knowing at a core level.

While we will be focusing on your mental and emotional relationship with money during this experience, the work you’re going to do, and the benefits you’re going to receive will pour into every aspect of your life, from your overall sense of self-confidence, to the quality of your relationships and health.

When you unravel and release these limiting mental frameworks, every aspect of your life opens up into new levels of prosperity just like it did for me…

This is how powerful this process is, and now you can experience it for yourself…

With that being said, we only have room to work with 50 of you, so this is going to be an incredibly rare and exclusive opportunity.

If you’re ready to get started, just click here to purchase your seat for the event before we sell out.

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Register For $REWIRE Before August 25th
And Save $500!

(Josh Will Be Attending $REWIRE Alongside You, So We’ve Decided To Offer A $500 Discount To His Friends)

Want To Attend $REWIRE, But Have Some Questions? Book a 30 Minute Call With Scott And Joanie Here

No matter who you are, where you’re from, what you’ve accomplished, (or haven’t accomplished), this will be the most profound, life-changing experience you’ve ever had.

In fact, you will likely define your life into two periods just I do… There will be your life before this event, and your life after this event, because you are going to be such a different person.

“After Being In The Military, I Realized 
I Had Lost My Way And Lost Touch 
With Myself…”

Register For $REWIRE Before August 25th
And Save $500!

(Josh Will Be Attending $REWIRE Alongside You, So We’ve Decided To Offer A $500 Discount To His Friends)

Want To Attend $REWIRE, But Have Some Questions? Book a 30 Minute Call With Scott And Joanie Here

Mike Dillard

“I Released Being Bound To The Past…”

“The World Is Going To Be A Completely Different Place Because Of This Meeting…"

“I Got Exactly What I Came For…”

“It Blew Away All Of My Expectations…”

“My Parent’s Financial Reality 
Became My Programming…”

“I Feel Like I’ve Been Gifted With 
A Super Power. I’m Going To See Every Area Of My Life Ascend…”

“By Far The Most Impactful Four Days
I've Ever Experienced…”

“It Was An Absolute Blessing To Be Here…”

Register For $REWIRE Before August 25th
And Save $500!

(Josh Will Be Attending $REWIRE Alongside You, So We’ve Decided To Offer A $500 Discount To His Friends)

Want To Attend $REWIRE, But Have Some Questions? Book a 30 Minute Call With Scott And Joanie Here

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